The latest government announcements confirm the strategic importance of nuclear development in France. L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL is dedicated to preparing the nuclear sector for the technical challenges it will face, while also ensuring that expertise continues to be transmitted between generations. Having provided trade-specific training for more than 30 years for essential professions such as pipework, boiler-making, valve work, and welding, the Trade School is in development. In autumn 2022, it will launch a vast expansion and modernisation project at its Avoine site (Indre-et-Loire) in order to accommodate employees from all actors in the nuclear sector. To make this ambitious project a reality, this school, unique in the field, has just received a major grant from France Relance.

Advanced training in trade-specific skills for working in complex environments

Combining theoretical and practical approaches, L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL has offered initial or on-going training since the 1990s for both external workers or employees, by developing skills or preparing the Joint Metallurgy Qualification Certificate (CQPM).

Trainers for L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL are required to maintain connections with the field for at least 3 months a year. Their role is to ensure that their trainees master interventions in complex environments, enabling them to be immediately operational when arriving on a work-site at the centre of a nuclear power plant or industrial site.

This training, provided at the Avoine site near the town of Chinon, as well as in all regions of France thanks to mobile modules, is intended to adapt to developing markets in the related sectors. This training centre effectively offers personalised training to be able to constantly meet any requirements. L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL also aims to provide support to its international partners, particularly in the context of commissioning new nuclear and industrial infrastructures.

A decisive grant for the future of the French nuclear industry

In order to help the sector meet its significant requirements in terms of current and future recruitment needs, the goal of L’Ecole des métiers is to embark on a vast project involving the expansion of its premises, training programs and teaching resources, while opening its doors to employees from all companies in the nuclear sector.

The 2 million euro grant awarded to L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL by France Relance recognises the quality of this training centre, unique in France. This financial aid from the State will notably enable the successful development and planning of new training courses, the deployment of large-scale skills analyses, and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment to adapt training to the most recent requirements of the nuclear and industrial sectors.

"The support of France Relance not only constitutes an invaluable assistance, but also represents a very clear encouragement for services working in this strategic and exemplary sector. L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL is the guarantee of training and employment in important sectors of the future that have significant recruitment needs", explains Michel BOISSONOT, Deputy Director of Development and Founder of L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL. "In 30 years, L’Ecole des métiers has become an essential asset for ALTRAD ENDEL. We have great expectations for this school which responds to a real need for training in essential trades, while also relying on the transmission of expertise. "

Key figures for L’Ecole des métiers in 2021:

  • 60,000 hours of training per year
  • 600 trainees taught each year
  • 50% of training completed in the region
  • 45 trade-oriented training courses
  • 4 virtual or augmented reality modules

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