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  • ALTRAD ENDEL has issued its rules as regards ethics and the fight against corruption

Our ethical commitments

Ethics and integrity in our business conduct

It is fundamental for ALTRAD ENDEL to conduct its business ethically and with integrity. By fostering a culture of transparency and honesty, promoting respect for others, we can trust each other to work in the best interest of the Group, on the long term.

Zero Tolerance for corruption

ALTRAD Group, including ALTRAD ENDEL, adopt a zero tolerance strategy as regards corruption and influence peddling.

We undertake to:

  • act ethically, with professionalism and integrity, in all our business activities and relations, wherever we are in the world;
  • establish and implement effective systems to fight against corruption and influence peddling.

Our ethics governance

An Ethics Code covering 9 fundamental principles was drawn up, to which each of our employees adheres:

  1. Comply with the law
  2. Respect the safety of people
  3. Conflicts of interest
  4. Corruption and influence peddling
  5. Fair competition and business practices
  6. Business reporting and accounting
  7. Protect the Group assets
  8. Agents, customers and suppliers
  9. Sponsoring and Patronage

An Ethics Committee is in charge of ensuring the deployment of an integrity and ethics framework within the Group.

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