L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL

Advanced training in trade-specific skills for working in complex environments

L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL, founded in 1990, actively seeks to promote the metallurgy trades, and particularly those that involve operational skills.

Training technical experts in the metallurgy trades

L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL has been serving the industry for more than 30 years by providing training in trade-specific skills such as pipework, boiler-making, valve work, and welding.

Combining theoretical and practical approaches, L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL offers initial or on-going training targeting Group employees as well as outside professionals. They are designed to develop skills or prepare participants for the joint qualification certificate in metallurgy (CQPM)

Trainers are ALTRAD ENDEL employees who are specialists in the techniques they teach. Their role is to ensure that their trainees master interventions in complex environments, enabling them to be immediately operational when arriving on a work-site at the centre of a nuclear power plant or industrial site.

Personalised training, tailored to individual needs as closely as possible

L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL is historically based in Avoine, near Chinon (Centre Val de Loire region). Classrooms are equipped with training models (valves and taps, hydraulic tests, support system inspection, etc.) and four virtual or augmented reality modules that trainers have developed to reinforce their teachings.

L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL also provides mobile training throughout the country. In addition to the training component, designed to adapt to developing markets in the related geographical sector, this structure provides support to all ENDEL entities in terms of adapting the most critical skills and implementing assessments during the recruitment phase.

Key figures (2021)

hours of training per year
trainees taught each year
of training completed in the region
trade-oriented training courses

L’Ecole des métiers's scope of intervention

It is divided into four main missions

  • Training course design > adapted to a request
  • Initial trade training > e.g.: CQPM
  • Development of trade-specific skills > promoting employees' professional development;
  • Analysis of trade-specific skills > identifying expertise.

A recognised training organisation, L’Ecole des métiers of ALTRAD ENDEL is QUALIOPI, DATADOCK, and CERTIMETAL certified.

France Relance supports the development of L’Ecole des métiers

In view of the shortage of technical profiles and in order to meet the needs of the nuclear sector, ALTRAD ENDEL decided to open this school to the public in July 2021, including to its customers and competitors. The extension project which will see the creation of an 8,000 m2 training centre in Avoine is supported by France Relance. It will be able to simultaneously accommodate a hundred trainees.

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