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  • ALTRAD ENDEL, a decisive and natural partner for today and tomorrow’s industries

ALTRAD ENDEL, the French leader in industrial maintenance and services to the energy sector

At ALTRAD ENDEL, we aim to contribute to the development of French industry by helping industrial and energy players in their transformation and sustainable performance.

Our historic trades have shaped the French industrial landscape

For close to 200 years, at ALTRAD ENDEL we are proud to build with our customers the most suitable technical solutions to improve their industrial facility operations and support them in their transformation.

Building the industry of today and tomorrow

The ENDEL saga is linked to the history of French industry, which it has helped shape, especially through the construction of:

  • almost all the 58 reactors of the French nuclear fleet, along with many thermal power plants
  • many petrochemical sites
  • several major steelwork sites, including the construction of the blast furnaces in Dunkerque, Fos-sur-Mer and Le Creusot.
  • many buildings for the French Navy

Nearly 200 years of industrial history

ALTRAD ENDEL relies on an industrial history spanning nearly 200 years. The company was born from the merger of several companies, the oldest of which, Ets Warin, was created in 1835. In 2001, the merger with Entrepose gave birth to ENDEL.

In 2007, the company was taken over by GDF SUEZ. Integrated in the ENGIE Group, it was known as ENDEL ENGIE since 2016.

ENDEL joined ALTRAD Group in 2022, providing this international group with its historic skills in the areas of pipefitting, welding, mechanics and complex projects.

Our vision at the service of tomorrow’s industry

Our mission consists in maintaining our customers’ production chains, building and modifying factories, both throughout the French territory and increasingly abroad.

Our strength: real proximity with industrial sites and 5,000 employees trained in all metalwork aspects.

Our DNA: metal, with a safety imperative.

With our new shareholder and all our teams, we are reinforcing our fundamentals and are entering a new profitable and sustainable development stage for our activities and areas of expertise, to the benefit of our industrial customers, both in France and abroad.

Madany Lias, Chairman of ALTRAD ENDEL
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